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Is this website secure?

Yes. This website uses secure sockets layers to secure and encrypt data so that you can be certain that the information you submit is protected by industry leading Internet security technology.

Is there a cost to get an insurance quote?

No. For a comparison of rates between your current provider and our rates, please submit a quote request here. All quote requests are 100% FREE!

What is “Graduated Licensing”?

Graduated licensing is an effective way to introduce new drivers into the world of driving with reduced risk. During early stages, drivers are only allowed on-road experience under close supervision; as they progress through later phases restrictions become less stringent until finally ending in full unrestricted access once a person has passed all tests required for graduation!

What is “Drivers Training”?

Insurance companies offer better rates to those who have completed an accredited drivers training course within the last 3 years. Your insurer may ask for proof that you’ve taken this class and earned your certificate before applying any discounts.

What if my vehicle is financed versus owned outright?

If you finance through an institution they may require that all you carry full coverage insurance versus just third party liability, which is the regular minimum required level of coverage to operate an automobile.

What is “Collision” coverage?

Collision coverage is an important part of your car insurance plan. If you’re in a collision with another object or cause damage to yourself and the other party’s vehicle, this kind of policy will cover any costs associated from repairing your vehicle for free!

What is “Comprehensive” coverage?

Comprehensive coverage includes accidents caused by fire; theft ; attempted theft — even vandalism or lightning strikes! It also protects you against rising water in the event of flooding.

What is an “At-Fault Accident?

When involved in a car accident, your insurance company will determine who is at fault. Insurance companies are required by law to assign a percentage of responsibility according the “Fault Determination Rules” found within the Insurance Act. When you are considered to be 100% responsible for an accident, it is deemed at “at-fault.”

What is new “Drivers Training”?

Having an accredited drivers training course within the last 3 years may impact your insurance premiums in a positive way. Insurance companies are looking for ways to minimize risk. A professionally trained driver is considered a good risk and may trigger discounts in premium costs. Keep in mind that your company may ask for a copy of your certificate, so make sure you have it.
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